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Representing Your Interests After A Contract Is Broken

Given the significance of both residential and commercial real estate transactions, any breach of contract can put the wronged party in a challenging position. Whether you are the buyer or seller, the broken contract can result in substantial consequences for you.

Our attorneys at McEvoy Law, have over 25 years of experience in assisting with residential and commercial real estate contract issues across Maryland. With an emphasis on efficiently addressing the issues at hand, we will prioritize finding a swift resolution for you to minimize the damaging effects of the broken contract.

Identifying Your Options For Residential Breaches Of Contract

Residential real estate breaches of contract can arise from a wide array of issues, including:

  • Vague or ambiguous language in the agreed-upon contract
  • Rushed entry into a contract that the seller or buyer later regrets
  • Failure to notice inopportune provisions or statements before signing the contract
  • Inability to close on a property
  • Issues with the surveying of the property or the title search
  • The emergence of a better offer or sale

No matter the nature of the breach, contract issues can cause considerable damage to both buyers and sellers. We take a practical approach to resolving breaches of contract. We will meticulously review the terms of the contract, strategizing on your options to enforce the agreement, if possible. Should litigation be the only option to arrive at a resolution, we will represent your interests in court.

Experience In Resolving Commercial Title Issues

Commercial real estate transactions have a complex set of considerations that require the involvement of an experienced attorney. Along with other challenges, title issues that surface in a commercial transaction can cause significant setbacks and even breaches of contract. Title searches can reveal liens against the property, previously unknown heirs and other unforeseen issues. As a title specialist with Fidelity National Title for the past three decades, attorney Jeffrey P. McEvoy can work with you as a buyer or seller to identify solutions to address and resolve title issues unique to your property.

Consult With An Experienced Attorney

While our attorneys can assist in resolving issues that arise from a breach of contract, we can also work with you to proactively prevent such issues from occurring through thoroughly reviewing such contracts in advance. Contact our Frederick office to learn more about our real estate services. Call us at 301-228-0810 or reach out to us online.