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Careful Consideration And Forward-Thinking

You have worked hard to provide security for your loved ones and create a successful life for yourself. Estate planning can preserve and pass down your hard work according to your wishes.

At McEvoy Law, our attorneys assist individuals, families and businesses across Maryland with their unique estate planning needs. We can assist whether you need to plan your estate or need assistance in administering the estate of a loved one.

What Goes Into An Estate Plan

Planning your estate is a personal process that is customizable based on your goals and wishes. A comprehensive estate plan does not follow a one-size-fits-all format. Our attorneys will advise you on which tools and components may accomplish your goals and property in your family’s interests.

At the core of an estate plan is a will, which dictates your wishes for your property, as well as who will distribute such items and to whom. Trusts are also an essential component, particularly for those wishing to avoid their estate passing through probate. As a vehicle to manage and distribute property, trusts allow more control over your estate and provide more opportunities for customization.

Guidance Throughout Estate Administration And Probate

When an individual dies, their estate must be accounted for and distributed. If there is no will upon death, the estate must pass through probate court in Maryland. Even with the presence of a will, the estate may be required to pass through probate, unless measures were taken to distribute property in another manner, including living trusts, transfer on death deeds, property owned jointly and more.

Following the death of a loved one, probate can be time-consuming and emotional. We represent both executors, or administrators of the estates, and beneficiaries in:

  • Accounting for all property and assets of the estate
  • Resolving any outstanding debts of the estate
  • Filing the will with the appropriate Maryland court
  • Distributing the property and assets in accordance with the will
  • Advising on the trust administration process

The role of an executor can be simple or complex, depending on the estate. We can guide you throughout the process to ensure the estate is well-represented and prevent future disputes.

Contact Our Attorneys To Plan Your Estate

The future is always uncertain but there are steps you can take to guard against the unknowns. Discuss your estate planning or probate needs with our attorneys in Frederick. Contact us by calling 301-228-0810 or by sending us an email.