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Be strategic about how you disinherit your family members

Some individuals tend to think that blood is thicker than water when they're asked to choose between family or friends. When it comes to drafting a will though, some testators would rather leave their assets to the family members that they've chosen instead of the relatives that they were born to or raised around. If you're planning to disinherit your family members, then there are certain ways that you should go about doing it.

What happens if you die without a will in Maryland?

While many individuals take time to sit down and draft a will at some point during their lives, there is a significant number of people who do not. Many people believe that they're too young, too healthy or that they don't have enough assets to warrant drafting one. Death comes to everyone's doorstep at some point in their lives though. Everyone should have a will.

What's considered to be a valid will in Maryland?

A will is an estate planning document that individuals draft to give their personal representative directions for how they'd like their assets to handled once they die. Each state has its own standards for what's considered to be a valid will. They also handle wills that have been executed in other states differently. They have distinct procedures for handling cases in which someone dies without a will too.

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