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Emergency workers need strong estate plans

On Behalf of | Oct 9, 2021 | Estate Planning

There are some types of workers who are more likely to find themselves in dangerous situations, such as emergency personnel. These men and women rush to the scene of crimes, accidents and other types of emergencies, often placing themselves at risk of injury or even death. This is why it is especially important for Maryland adults who work in these types of jobs to have strong, thoughtful and up-to-date estate plans in place.  

First responders need to plan for the future 

For emergency workers of all types, any day on the job presents the possibility that a serious or fatal injury will take place. One of the most important things a first responder should do is have the right insurance coverage. This includes coverage for disability and long-term medical needs, as well as life-insurance for loved ones who may be left behind.  

Specific estate planning documents are necessary too. This includes drafting a will to outline the distribution of assets in the event of death, as well as appoint a guardian for minor children. A trust allows one to set aside and protect assets for a specific use. Strong estate planning also includes drafting documents in the event of incapacitation, long-term illnesses and other situations that may befall a first responder. 

Thinking ahead 

Planning for the future can be a daunting task for an emergency worker. It may be helpful to navigate this process and address sensitive matters with the help of an experienced Maryland estate law attorney. With estate plans and other types of protection in place, emergency workers can feel confidence regarding their futures.