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The estate planning needs of LGBTQ+ families

On Behalf of | Jun 28, 2021 | Estate Planning

Every family will benefit from having certain types of legal and financial plans in place. Estate planning with potential future needs in mind can prevent complications in case of an emergency situation, something that may be especially important for certain types of families. There are particular benefits in having an estate plan for Maryland LGBTQ+ families as this can allow them to have control over certain financial and medical matters in a contingency.   

What do they need? 

There is no one-size-fits-all solution for estate planning. LGBTQ+ couples are less likely to be married, and one or both partners may have children from a previous relationship. These factors can complicate things if the family experiences a serious illness or unexpected death. An estate plan can mitigate some of the complications faced by these families.  

Specific documents are particularly important. A health care power of attorney and a living will allow one to have control over medical decisions that may be necessary in an emergency situation. A will allows one to decide what will happen to his or her property after death, and it can also provide a way for a parent to name a guardian for his or her minor children. 

Estate planning needs 

Maryland LGBTQ+ families may face unique challenges during an emergency without carefully crafted and specific estate plans in place. It may be helpful to discuss potential needs with an experienced estate planning attorney. A careful assessment of the case can identify the most effective estate planning tools for the individual situation.