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Health care choices adults can make now for the future

On Behalf of | Mar 11, 2021 | Estate Planning

It can be difficult for anyone to consider his or her own mortality, but every adult should think about what is necessary in case of incapacitation in the future. There are specific estate planning documents that allow one to plan for specific types of health care needs in the event he or she is unable to express personal wishes. Health care directives are necessary and prudent for Maryland adults of all ages and income levels.

Power of attorney

This is a type of health care directive that allows one to name a specific individual to make decisions on his or her behalf. This should be a person who is responsible and can be trusted to listen to the advice of medical professionals and family members. A health care power of attorney is applicable for decisions on matters not specifically outlined in a living will.

Living will

A living will is a document that outlines personal wishes regarding specific medical decisions and needs. In this document, a Maryland adult can decline certain interventions, such as being put on life support or being resuscitated after an emergency. Many outline their preferences regarding organ donation, blood transfusions and other matters in a living will.

A thorough estate plan

Any complete estate plan will have health care directive as a part of it. While no one can predict the future, these documents can allow one to make their own decisions on sensitive and personal matters well in advance. This can provide peace of mind for the entire family and reduce the chance of confusion in case of an emergency.