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Details to consider when choosing an executor

On Behalf of | Mar 5, 2021 | Estate Planning

Probate can be a long and difficult process depending on the instructions left behind in an estate plan as well as the details of the estate itself. As a result, it is important that someone willing and able steps into the role of executor to see the estate through these proceedings. Of course, in addition to being willing and able, candidates need other important qualities as well.

First, having someone who lives close by can be a strong selling point. If a person lives outside of Maryland, it may make it much more difficult for that person to handle all of the necessary tasks associated with closing the estate. This person will have a lot to address, including the legal proceedings and acting as a bridge between those proceedings and the heirs and beneficiaries.

In addition to being in close proximity, it may be worthwhile to choose someone who will

  • Work well with the heirs and beneficiaries
  • Keep the heirs and beneficiaries informed about the progress of the probate proceedings
  • Have the drive and perseverance to complete the long, and often difficult, probate process

It is also important to ask the candidate if he or she wants to take on the role of executor before simply appointing the person. This job — and it is a job — can become overwhelming at times, and it is essential that the person can handle the stress of the position. If Maryland residents do not want to place a loved one in this role, they may want to keep in mind that they could also choose a professional service to handle their probate proceedings.