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5 questions to ask before becoming an executor

On Behalf of | Mar 24, 2021 | Estate Planning

When someone is asked to handle the responsibilities of closing an estate, it is not a decision to make without thinking it through. Some people may feel an obligation to say yes to act as the executor, or they may think that they can say yes now but not actually have to handle the process. Neither of these ways of thinking should drive a person to taking on this role.

Becoming an executor out of a sense of obligation could mean that a person ends up in a stressful position that he or she did not truly want to face. Willingness is of significant importance when closing a Maryland estate, and if a person does not want to do it, he or she should say so. Often, the person looking for an executor has other options in mind and can likely find someone who is willing to take the position.

If someone is not necessarily unwilling but does not fully understand the probate process, it is wise to ask these questions before accepting:

  • How long will the process take?
  • How complex is the estate?
  • How much compensation is involved?
  • What immediate actions are necessary after accepting the role?
  • What actions are necessary after the testator’s passing?

Declining the role of executor is not something to feel ashamed about. Probate can last months, if not longer, and it can become a full-time job, depending on the complexity of the estate. If Maryland residents do believe that they could handle this position, they may want to gain more specific information on their duties and expectations.