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Where should you look for a Maryland testator's hidden assets?

For many, it's an honor for your friend to appoint you as the executor of their estate. Knowing what to do in your role likely doesn't come naturally though. You'll need to inventory of all their assets soon after you file the testator's will with your local county probate court in Maryland. There are some tips that you can follow to identify all of a testator's assets.

Basic checklist for estate planning

Estate planning is crucial for everyone regardless of your age or the wealth you’ve accumulated. Having a plan in place allows you to make sure your assets are distributed according to your wishes once you’re gone.

How and why to set up a trust fund for your estate

A trust fund is one way to build wealth for your children and grandchildren, but some investors shy away from them because they believe they are only for the rich. In many cases, trusts are a tool for wealthy people to control how their assets are distributed to heirs and organizations, but even those on the lower end of the earning spectrum can benefit.

Details about probate that every Maryland executor should know

When someone passes away, it's the obligation of the executor, or the personal representative as it's known in Maryland, to settle the testator's estate in probate court. There are certain key pieces of information that every Maryland personal representative should know.

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