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Estate planning underscores opportunity more than challenge

On Behalf of | May 13, 2019 | Estate Planning

Estate planning is a legal realm that can initially seem complex and even a bit overwhelming to many individuals and families in Maryland and across the country.

That is understandable. After all, the subject matter spans topics ranging from asset preservation and eventual disposition to power-of-attorney designations, property distribution among heirs, lawful tax avoidance, gifting, charitable contributions, family legacies and more.

Given such broad-based parameters, one thing is certain for any planner consulting with proven estate planning/administration legal counsel, namely this: The strategies employed to secure optimal results will never follow a prescribed one-size-fits-all formula.

And that spells opportunity far more than it does challenge. The tools that are used by experienced estate planning attorneys to secure valued clients’ goals are many and flexible, and can be impressively integrated to promote the precise results that a planner intends.

We give all due respect to wills at the experienced Frederick estate planning firm of McEvoy Law, noting on our website that a will is customarily “at the core of an estate plan.” Our attorneys work closely with clients to ensure that their wills are tightly drafted and timely updated documents that deliver on what a planner wants concerning key matters like asset identification/preservation and the ultimate distribution of property to heirs.

Beyond wills, though, there are myriad other tools that can also be used – either singly or together with wills – to promote planning objectives. Those include financial and health care powers of attorney, a variety of notably flexible trusts and additional instruments.

We duly note on our website that, “The future is always uncertain, but there are steps you can take to guard against the unknown.”

Preparation starts with due focus on responsive and tailored estate planning. A seasoned legal team can fundamentally help with that.